I’m not one of those people that will fall in love instantly, but if I really care and (insert name here) cares about me, usually I will put my guard down after a while and I might even fall for (insert name here).

For a while, I tried to find someone to love. And the one day that I wasn’t looking for someone who cared, I met the (insert name here). It  was at this open mic night thing and a local restaurant and I guess people didn’t really get the whole point of the term “open mic night”, because the only person that was up singing was (insert name here). His friends gathered around, and at the time there were two guys hitting on me, but all I wanted to do that night was listen to the music. But let’s be honest here, I wasn’t very good at telling when a guy liked me, so this one guy was flirting every chance he got. I didn’t even realize. And when I met the guitarist on his break, he was very polite, and asked if I wanted one of the boxes of nerds. [he says he saw me looking, and wondered if I’d want some]

My mom ended up not wanting to come get me to take me home, so my friend A offered to let me sleep on the couch at her apartment. I found out once everyone was getting ready to leave that (insert name here) was coming over to her house just to hang out, too. So, we headed over to A’s apartment.

When we arrived, we all hung out and drank a little and went out onto the porch to smoke cigarettes. And then A and one of the other guys that was there, R, went to her room. Leaving (insert name here), W, and me to talk amongst ourselves {and stuff}. W decided to flirt constantly with me, while (insert name here) just sat playing the guitar and humming to himself. Finally, (insert name here) decided to go to the kitchen and W followed to ask him something. I went out on the porch to smoke and (insert name here) came outside shortly after. He said that W had been flirting with me all night and was actually trying to get (insert name here) to leave so he could “move in” and “get comfy”. I told him I didn’t mind if he stayed, I actually preferred it. That was when I realized, W didn’t care about the panda shirt or the zebra striped shoes, he just wanted to f*** me and never talk to me again. I didn’t want that with W at all.

Eventually we went back inside and hung out for a little bit and W left after a few minutes. Me and (insert name here) went out to smoke a cigarette and asked me if I wanted to join. I went out there with him. I sat on the floor of the porch and he sat in the chair after he tried him best to let me sit in the chair, since there was only one. Somehow, I end up sitting on his lap. And we both were happy. We smoked our cigarettes and for a moment, we looked at each other and he kissed me. And then we made out. We both let our cigarettes burn out on their own and then got rid of them and kept on kissing.

Then the door opened and out came R and A. They had apparently been done and came to look for us. They were worried. We stopped, but eventually went back inside and just talked. I don’t care how anyone reading this assumed the night was going to turn out. We talked for the longest time, then (insert name here) remembered he didn’t have his bike, and W had drove him. He couldn’t get in touch with W, so A said it was fine if (insert name here) stayed on the couch. There were two couches, but i wasn’t worried about it.

When A went to sleep, R went with her. (insert name here) and I decided who was going to sleep on with couch. But in the end, we slept on the same couch. We used each other as a blanket and I fell asleep in his arms. The best sleep I have ever had.

When I woke up, he was stroking my hair and for a moment it was all perfect. I felt safe.



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2 responses to “Love

  1. I think it’s going to be a while before I let anyone in again. I am not going to be able to trust anyone easily all over again.

  2. New posts are at the top, the bottom ones are the oldest ones

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