Why does everyone keep saying that, “Loves you for you” crap. I’m tired of it. All I want is for everyone to shut the hell up. Why would he say that he loved me, if he didn’t? And why would he say that he wanted me to move in with him, when he has a place of his own. 

Why do people think he doesn’t love me for me. I hate it. He loved me and I don’t get how he can’t remember all the good parts of our relationship. I don’t have anywhere to go to get away now. My mom is taking over. My sister blames everything on me-and she thinks that doing so makes her more grown up? No it makes her seem like she’s 5 years old.

My sister kept yelling that she’s fat. I tried to give her some of my clothes and she threw them back saying, “I’m not as fat as you, I can actually keep a guy. you, on the other hand, can’t!”

That stung like hell. I went for a walk and walked for hours. I didn’t care how cold it was outside. Her comment stung way more.

I feel completely useless. 


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November 8, 2012 · 3:54 am

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