Day One: 1:30 PM; Novemeber 24, 2012-SUBJECT-Who am I?

I am a sinner. No one is perfect-neither am I. I am trying harder lately to be better, but I know that I am not perfect. 

I am an abstract artist. Not so professional-only read the books, and it’s mostly for coping with my problems, but I don’t want to be professional. The things I paint, draw, and sculpt are for me personally.

I am disabled. I have anxiety problems. I have OCD. I have trichotillomania. I don’t have much hair. I may never be able to drive or go to work.

I believe in the Lord, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I was Confirmed to the Episcopalian faith a few years back. In 2007, I won a contest and had my poem published for free in a book. It was titled, “Who was this Great Man?” It was about Jesus. 

I used to go to church every Sunday, but my mother and sister stopped going, so I thought I didn’t have any way to go. For the last two Sundays, I have gone to St. James Episcopal-my mother drove me and my uncle took me back to my house. 

It feels good to be going to the church I grew up in. Familiarity is great. Change is not always good and is sometimes difficult to Stomach.

I love my dogs, my family, and a guy that left me. I knew when we met I didn’t have a chance with him-and he has confirmed this feeling, as of about two months ago. It’s hard to get passed this sort of thing, but I will try.


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