Chapter one

Annie was sitting at a cookout that she weekly attended, and a friend, Ashley, walked up and sat next to her. Ashley handed her a flyer, and told her about an open mic night, that was supposed to happen a week later. Annie said she’d try to come.

When the day came, her mother, who she called, Momma, drove her to Saffron’s, the place from the flyer. She used to go here a lot with her mom, before the bakery moved, but hadn’t yet been to this location. She walked in and was directed out the back to a patio setting, where a band was playing, but not many people were there.

As more people came, she took her seat with Ashley’s friends. Soon after, a guy with a microphone asked if anyone wanted to sing, or what-have-you. She wanted to sing, but had been out of practice for a while.

Annie sang in church and school choirs since she was little, but was too afraid to go about singing something un-practiced. The guitarists took a break and one came over and sat at the table behind her. He was ordering a mimosa and asked Ashley and Annie and their friends if they wanted one. He payed for Annie’s drink, and continued to drink them most of the night.

He also shared his small boxes of nerds with her. He needed a pen for some reason a little later that night. His had gone out, so Annie searched her purse and found in the black hole, a pen. He showed her the paper, where he was writing a song. All she remembered was the song was beautiful and she could easily add a tune to it.

He told her his name was Mick. He was in a brown shirt and jeans that rolled up at the ends. She used to think all his pants came that way, but realized after a while, that he did it himself. 

Later, her friends from Freedom arrived. The cookout company was seated in the back and she went to hang out with them.

At the end, she called her mother, but her mom was too “tired” to come get her, so Ashley offered up her apartment for Annie spend the night. Apparently Mick was going too. And a guy named Will. 

They all walked to King Street to Ashley’s apartment, giggling and laughing the whole way.


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  1. Yea, Mick, I remember at least this part.

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