chapter two

(I’m tired of writing this in the third person. Time to go back to my original idea and write it in the first person)


The first time we had intimate arousal, it wasn’t as loving. We had just met so that’s only natural. It was good, very good, but I didn’t love him, and didn’t understand that it would change once we did love each other.

I always told him I cared about him, but we never said it. Until one day we were messaging on Facebook. He told me he loved me on June 24, 2011. Mick added it into our conversation and it really seemed to come out of no where.

I was sitting on the driveway, smoking a cigarette, messaging him, and loving every word he wrote. Until he inserted those three words. I hadn’t realized he loved me, too. I actually was so surprised, I straight up asked him if he meant it. He didn’t realize what sentence I was referring to, but when I told him, he had the best answer he could have said.

He said that it just seemed right. The reason we got so “rowdy” when we saw each other. I still remember reading that and a giant smile coming onto my face, so wide it hurt my cheeks. That smile stayed on my face the rest of the day.

When we saw each other, he told me in person, and the smile came back. I told him I loved him, too. And that’s when we made love for the first time.

It was different for me. It seemed more real. We found our way, way easier. And we told each other how much love we had for each other all throughout it.

It was amazing and exhilarating. I could believe that he loved me every time I looked into his eyes.

It seemed perfect.


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