Chapter one of a new way to see

Chapter One

“Every artist was first an amateur.” -RWE

The paint fell to the floor as Cameron cursed and crumpled up her paper. She looked down at the paint. Cameron was attempting to make an abstract version of the night sky. Sort of her version of “Starry Night”, but different. She bent down and picked up the blue and grey that had fallen. Cameron cursed again when she realized some acrylic blue was drying below her.

She quickly grabbed a wet paper towel from the kitchen and went back to clean it up. Scrubbing the floor made her feel a little like a maid, almost like Annie, from that play she just went to. She stood up and sighed. This sucks, she thought. She was supposed to be working on her school work, due tomorrow, but had inspiration and felt she had to go for it.

She decided to take a walk and see the night sky for herself. She grabbed the dog leash and headed for the dog pen, where Roger lay sleeping. Cameron decided against bringing Roger, her Shitzu, and dropped the leash on the tattered couch beside her.

Putting on her shoes, she heard sirens down the street and shrugged her shoulders. Since it wasn’t a very good neighborhood, this happened a lot. Cameron grabbed her house key and went for the door.


Walking down the street, she stared at the stars, not really paying any mind to where she was headed. She knew the area pretty well. All of a sudden a car came zooming down the street. It almost hit her, then silence, except for an ambulance in the distance. She wandered into the street without really noticing and the next thing she heard was a screeching tires.

Then, BOOM!

That was the last thing she remembered from that night.


Cameron tried to open her eyes. When she couldn’t she thought she was dreaming. She was so tired.

2 hours later:

Cameron awoke to the sound of someone beside her. She attempted to open her eyes again, but when she did, she saw nothing. She tried again. Nothing.

Someone was saying something to her, but everything seemed a blur. She fell back asleep.

2 more hours later:

“Cameron, wake up honey. There’s dinner coming soon.”

Her mother’s voice. She hadn’t seen her mother in ages. Why was her mother in her apartment. Then, she suddenly remembered. Oh no! NO!, is all she could think.

She opened her eyes and realized for the first time that she couldn’t see. It wasn’t a dream, she finally decided. It was reality.

“Mom?” She asked in a raspy voice.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“I can’t see.” Cameron choked out.

“I’ll get the doctor!” She heard her mother rush out the room.

A few minutes later, two voices came closer to her. One was her mother, who sounded really frightened. The other she assumed was the doctor. Her mother was talking fast, as she did when something was wrong. The only time Cameron had heard that before was when her father had been in the hospital and that was the day he passed away.

“She says she can’t see, you say?” The man’s voice.

“Yes, she just told me this.” Her mother.

“Well, ma’am, that’s normal in these situations. Her vision could return in a few days to a few years, sometimes, in these cases-rarely though- it doesn’t return.” The man’s voice.

“No!” Cameron said. It was all she could think of at the moment.

“But her art!” Her mother said.

Then she realized she would never paint again.


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