When You Were Here, by Daisy Whitney

That’s the book I’m reading right now. It’s a good book, but it’s sad. Teddy always wants to know the good books I read, so now that she has this link I thought I could post a few of the new books I’m reading. I got it at Barnes and Noble in the YA section in Wrightsville Beach, NC. It was a cool shopping center, but it reminded me of home.

There were all kinds of shops. Most were ones that we could find in any shopping center/mall. Like Belk or Coldwater Creek. It was a Towne Center. Just like the one in Mt. Pleasant. It was nice. I remember going there one other time, a few years back. We went to Belk and Coldwater Creek and Barnes and Noble and Claire’s and also Longhorn’s for dinner. It wasn’t a great meal, but we settled. That Longhorn’s is gone now. Now it’s some kind of diner, but that’s good for it, because it wasn’t very yummy.

In Wrightsville, there’s this place called Wings. It’s right over the second bridge to Wrightsville Beach. It’s a big salmon colored building with a bunch of beach and souvenir stuff. I love that place.

Usually when we go to the beach there, we never leave the beach, except to go to Wings and Redix, that’s another beach/souvenir shop which is just over the bridge-in between the two bridges. It’s more of a super store, than Wings, but it’s cool, too.

But, sometimes we go to that Towne Center. We ventured out a little further this time and found a great hole in the wall pizza place that I can’t remember the name of, but it had great Calzones.

It was a fun vacation, but from the time I got there to the time we left, all I wanted was to go home. It reminded me too much of Pop Pop. All his rules, all his life, all his electronics, his favorite chair, his favorite coffee cups, his favorite bed, all his favorites. I miss him a lot and I cried myself to sleep a lot. I miss him so much. I wish he didn’t have to die. I know it must have been his time to go, but why did it have to be so soon when everybody counted on him.

I still feel like it was my fault. Even though they pulled the plug, it was me who put the earphone in his ear and played the song “Asleep” by the Smiths, telling him in my own way that it was okay for him to go, we would miss him, but it was okay if he had to. I know it was my fault. Because I told him he could leave. I should have never done that. Now that song is ruined for me. I can’t listen to that song without crying. I can’t enjoy that song anymore. But I haven’t had the heart to erase it from my iPod. I haven’t had the heart to forget that song. It’s like I need it to know that he’s okay up in heaven and he’s looking down on us. And he keeps us safe. So I can’t get rid of the song.

That’s it for now. I’m going to go read my good book. “When You Were Here” by Daisy Whitney. And smoke a cigarette. So I don’t have to cry anymore. Have a good afternoon, y’all. Bye.


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