Chapter Four: A new way to see

The next day was interesting. Mark made it to the hospital late after traffic was terrible and the coffee stand was too filled with people. He changed into his scrubs in the locker room and made it to the recovery ward just in time to see a few of the new patients entering.

He stopped and looked back at one of the patients. It was the girl. The one who was in a coma. She was still looking a little foggy, but she was being transported to one of the rooms he was in charge of now. He smiled. Mark was glad she woke up. For some reason he just knew she would be a good patient, instead of some of those bratty ones that never use manners.

He took one of the trays of food to her room, attempting to make conversation. She was asleep when he made it in the room. So he left the food for her and went back to the Nurse’s Station.


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